Digital Product Mockup in Canva, how to create one

Summary of my video:

  • Open up a presentation template from Canva to a blank white presentation.
  • Click on "elements" on the menu on the left and search for "frame".
  • Browse through the frames and drag the ones you want, laptop, phone, desktop, iPad, Book, etc. Any of these frames will allow you to add an image inside them.
  • Create the individual image you want to add into each of the frames.
  • You can create these images from inside Canva but creating a new canva project that is eBook cover, or square or any others. The sizing will make a different and this will require a bit of back and forth to test how it fits and looks once you enter the image to the frame.
  • You can also create these images by taking screenshots of what you want to put inside the frames. For example, taking a screenshot of your private members area, or course area, etc.
  • Once you have the images, upload them to Canva so it is added to the inside of the frames.
  • Once you have all the images in the frames, you can move the frames to make it look the way you want it.
  • Sometimes, you might want to have a different sizing image as the presentation might be too high or too wide. If that's the case, resize the Canva image (if on the pro plan), or highlight what you created and add it to a different project on Canva.
  • Once done, export it as PNG and make sure it's transparent.
  • You now have a digital product mock-up - congrats!
  • Upload the product mock-up to your web page.
  • Want help to get this task done with my virtual assistant together on Zoom? This is available in my tech support membership.